The Solution

The GelbKo System is a vehicle tire wear extraction filtration system. It is the only novel and practical technology available to collect the full spectrum of tire wear debris products. Solids and soluble constituents are collected for fate and transport studies and recycling options. The soluble contaminants remain and are recovered in the liquid phase after the solids are filtered into a sealed cartridge.

A bench test on a test rig using a 10-inch trailer tire and the simulated asphalt road surface was run for 384 hours. A total of 87.3% of the tire particles was collected in a commercially available sealed one-micron filter cartridge

The GelbKo System collects the tire wear debris on an engineered extraction surface area located directly behind each tire. A mini microprocessor controls liquid temperature, timing cycles and monitors the extraction process on a preset cycle.  The debris continues to be collected from a moving vehicle while also monitoring for dirty conditions on the extraction area.

The collection system is extremely versatile and works on solid or pneumatic tires on motor vehicles and trucks. The components of the System assembly can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle. The extraction surface can be mounted behind each tire, in the wheel well or on mud flaps. The System is designed for optimal performance in harsh conditions. The engineered extraction surface is a flexible, impervious composite and is resistant to external forces such as rough roads, potholes, tire blowouts, and extreme temperature conditions.

For a better visual understanding of the GelbKo System please click on the link above to the short video, GelbKo Digital Video.

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